It all began in Halmstad, where I painted and danced at the lovely beaches of Tylösand before I began my studies in German at the University of Lund. After Lund followed 20 exciting years in Munich, where I achieved my degrees in Scandinavian Languages, English and American Culture.

Language is like paintings. To communicate is creating pictures. It is colour and movement. It is dance, sweeping or passionate. Thus, colours and forms always have been present in me, occasionally relieved in the sensuality of dancing.

Back in Lund, enriched by two wonderful children and a lot of experiences, I find back to the painting of my youth. Sorrow and joy, pain and ecstasy are released by my female creatures, who never stop urging the spectator to let loose and raise over the ordinariness of life.

As spontaneity is my power, the technique has to be simple: to paint in acryl makes the distance between the picture and me as close as possible; the feelings are still hot, when transformed into shape and colour; the movement caught in flight . - If you turn away, the actress will hastily leave the scene, only to return, still breathless, when you pay attention to her again.